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Talisma Corp brings xAmplify’s partner enablement solutions to India

Bengaluru, 22 May 2024: Talisma Corporation Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of customer experience solutions, has entered into a partnership with US-based xAmplify, to bring the latter’s partner enablement platform to the Indian market.


xAmplify and Talisma’s strategic alliance aims to revolutionize customer experience (CX) by boosting organizational productivity. Through a unified platform offering centralized information, they empower various stakeholders from sales and marketing to customer support, fostering a customer-centric culture where all departments work in alignment.

Talisma will be xAmplify’s strategic partner across verticals such as BFSI, retail and hospitality, where the company has immense expertise. Talisma has been a leader in providing CX solutions in these industries and brings over 22 years of experience.

Indirect sales or channel sales is the fastest way to get your products and services across to customers. While there are many benefits with this model, it also adds complexity to the sales cycle. “Organisations must engage these partners/affiliates in multiple dimensions. You need them to sell, market and support the products on an ongoing basis. You are fighting for time and mindshare, and it requires ongoing relationship maintenance,” said Dr. Raj Mruthyunjayappa, Chairman and CEO, Talisma Corporation.

“The main challenge with indirect distribution is the distance it puts between you and your customers. By adding an intermediary, you are also increasing the amount of time it takes for your product to reach the buyer. It’s also harder to establish brand loyalty when you are not interacting directly with your customer,” he said.


Talisma has recognized this as a very important and difficult challenge to address. With this partnership with xAmplify, Talisma looks to address this critical business problem for organisations which operate on indirect sales channels. “xAmplify is a leader in partner enablement for marketing, sales, and customer success and by working together we will be able to empower our clients to achieve even greater success and deliver exceptional value to their customers,” he added.

xAmplify is a vertically integrated partner enablement platform that scales for any stage of your partner program. Under this partnership, all xAmplify’s products and services will be sold by Talisma.

“We are excited to join forces with Talisma Corporation, a leader in customer engagement and digital transformation. This partnership will enable us to provide even more robust solutions for their clients, helping them to enhance their marketing, direct and indirect sales, and customer success efforts. Together, we aim to drive unparalleled growth and deliver outstanding value,” said Sudhir Nambiar, Co-Founder and CEO, xAmplify Inc.

About Talisma Corporation: Talisma Corporation is the leading provider of Customer Experience platform & enterprise CRM Solutions for a wide range of industries. Talisma’s end to end customer journey transformation solutions addresses your toughest digital transformation challenges across all stages of the customer journey, from customer acquisition, engagement to fulfilment with the power to integrate data and insights for profitable outcomes. Talisma serves a variety of industries through its wide range of vertical specific solutions through a combination of advisory / consulting, implementation and support services and is present in at least 30 countries. For more information, visit

About xAmplify:  xAmplify mission is to eliminate friction between partners and companies by using automation and technology to drive revenue growth together. Our platform prioritizes channel partners, enabling indirect sales organizations to tap into the 80% of DIFM (Do It For Me) partners in the global market. We aim to expand existing channel programs and help those hesitant about channel sales to build successful new revenue streams. Businesses are the growth engine for economic recovery. They need ongoing knowledge of partners’ products, collective pipeline building, and sustainable growth through partnerships. xAmplify offers a platform to empower partnerships and create lasting sales channels. For more information, visit


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