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Hear a voice? It should be VOC. How did a farmer’s son and auto driver son scale a brand to 125 franchises and target 100crs by the end of March 2025.

VOC – Voice of Customers. 

VOC Automotive Pvt Ltd. was founded by Lokesh, Venkatesh BM, and Rajeshwar. It started with an initiative to fill the gap between the consumers in 2-wheeler service and maintenance. The industry has been very volatile with transparency, pricing, and maintaining trust among consumers. VOC started in 2019 in TC Palya, Bangalore as VOC Bengaluru. As COVID-19 hit the country in 2020, the automotive industry has seen several changes in the industry and among consumers. 

Since 2019, VOC has franchised 125 outlets till date (15th May 2024) across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Kerala. The brand is giving out franchises on a PAN India level from now on. We are growing to a franchise count of 300 across India by the end of March 2025. VOC started with funding of 8Crores INR (1 Million Dollars). Today they are doing turnovers of 25 Crores INR and growing. 

Coming to franchises, VOC implements a master strategy to increase its retainers and success rates with the franchise owners. The brand markets on several channels and makes sure every outlet gets a minimum of 300 vehicles per month for service and maintenance. They make this successful with their Tech implementations via Apps, AI, Chatbots, and their marketing funnels. Through this, every franchise is doing business for at least 12 lacs per month on an average basis, making the franchise and the brand very successful in terms of profits, relationships, and trust. 

They have several franchise modules.

FOFO – Franchise Owned Franchise Operated – Starting at 18lacs FOCO – Franchise Owned Company Operated – Starting at 30lacs

COCO – Company Owner Company Operated 

Along with this, there are 1S & 3S models. 

1S deals with only spare parts sales. Investments start at 11 lacs.

3S deals with Sales, Service, and Maintenance. With investment starting at 18Lacs, you can start with a 3S model. 

The brand promises a Profit After Tax of at least 1 lac per month throughout the models.

VOC Training Academy (VTA) :

They also have a training module where they provide training to technicians with a basic costing. Post training, the person is ready to work anywhere or start a business by himself/herself. 

VOC is growing and looking for Investors, Franchise partners, and technicians for their targeted scale. VOC is targeting 100crs revenue for this financial year 2023-2024.

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