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Sushmita Gupta: The Journey Behind Rayz Cosmetics

Sushmita Gupta Founder & COO Of Rayz Cosmetics

Sushmita Gupta, a name that stands for ambition and determination, is ready to revolutionize the cosmetics industry with her brand, Rayz Growing up in the lively city of Lucknow, Sushmita’s journey from a corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur is truly inspiring. With her energy and dreams, Sushmita symbolizes a new era of entrepreneurship. With Rayz Cosmetics, she has turned her dreams into reality and started her journey to freedom.

Sushmita’s educational journey began at DPS, Lucknow, and continued at Study Hall School, where she took PCM in 12th grade. Although she was initially confused between engineering and business, her family’s business background guided her toward the business world. Sushmita then entered the corporate world, spending four years at a bank, where she gained valuable experience in client dealings, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Despite completing her higher education in Lucknow, Sushmita was determined to achieve her dreams. She earned her MBA from Amity University and emerged as an independent entrepreneur with valuable experience.

During the global pandemic of 2020, Sushmita decided to make her dream come true by founding Rayz. Her goal was to create a means of self-reliance for women, allowing them to express their unique individuality. With continuous diligence and sensitivity, she gave Rayz a commercial shape, making it a successful reality today.

Despite her professional success, Sushmita always yearns to serve the public. Her dream is to bring about change in society, especially for the poor and helpless. She enjoys adventure sports, exploring new areas, and appreciating natural beauty.

Sushmita dreams of creating an organization that works for the welfare of animals. She is also interested in various activities like dancing, swimming, and driving.

Sushmita’s family played a big role in her success. Her parents have always supported and inspired her to follow her dreams.

Among the diverse views of Indian entrepreneurship, Sushmita’s journey with Rayz Cosmetics stands out as a symbol of innovation and inclusivity. Driven by constant parental support and her strong willpower, Sushmita aimed to create a beauty products venture that prioritizes quality while being accessible to the average consumer.

With keen market research, Sushmita broke new ground by selecting the best products from top companies, constantly expanding her options. However, her search didn’t end there. Understanding the pulse of Indian consumers, she carefully reviewed each product, analyzing its pros and cons to create a selection for a diverse age group, from 15 to 50 years, to inspire women.

Sushmita’s vision extended beyond just creating products. Recognizing the gap between premium quality and affordability, she embarked on a transformational journey. By partnering with India’s leading manufacturers, she promoted strict quality control measures.

As a result, Rayz became a beacon of change, offering cosmetics of unmatched quality that compete with international standards while being affordable for middle-class wallets. Sushmita’s clever pricing strategy ensured that her products became a necessity for every home. However, the journey of Rayz does not end with its arrival. Sushmita’s forward-thinking is always ahead of consumer preferences.

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