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Surabhi Singh Being the face plus size calendar by Shapely By Somwya

Shapely by Somwya, a leading fashion brand for plus-size women, has taken a bold step towards breaking stereotypes with the launch of India’s first-ever plus-size calendar. Featuring plus-size women, the calendar aims to celebrate body positivity and redefine beauty standards. Designed by fashion designer Somwya Sharma, the calendar features Surabhi Singh as its face.


Surabhi Singh, commenting on plus-size fashion, emphasized that beauty comes from within and that one’s appearance shouldn’t define their worth. She encouraged people to embrace their bodies in any shape or size and to focus on inner beauty, positive attitude, and good behavior. Surabhi’s message is a powerful reminder that self-acceptance and confidence are the keys to true beauty.


In a society where beauty standards are often narrow and unrealistic, initiatives like this calendar play a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. By showcasing the beauty of plus-size women, Shapely by Somwya is challenging stereotypes and empowering women to love themselves just the way they are. The calendar not only celebrates body diversity but also sends a strong message of self-love and acceptance to women everywhere. 

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