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Ruby Singh Featuring herself in plus size calendar by Shapely By Somwya

Ruby Singh Hailing from Noida, U.P., Ruby Singh is not just a woman with an M.Tech degree but a professional model and working women as a managing director for RUVIK ENTERTAINMENT PVT LTD who draws strength from her work and her mother. In the evolving landscape of societal perceptions, Ruby’s story mirrors the positive shift towards body positivity and inclusivity, particularly for plus-size women.


Breaking the Stereotypes, leading fashion brand for Plus Size Women Shapely by Somwya has launched India’s Calendar featuring Plus Size Women by fashion designer Somwya Sharma.


Ruby commenting on plus size fashion- “As per me Personality and inner beauty. I have seen some of the biggest girls be the happiest girls. A smile is more beautiful than anything in this world, it shows charachter and openness. They have such love to give and they are so comfortable being themselves. Physics are not important if look and behavior with determination for career is strong.” 

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