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Physics Wallah (PW) Achieves Outstanding Success in GATE 2024: Over 4000 Students Qualify, with Raja Majhi Leading as Rank 1 in ECE

New Delhi: India’s leading ed-tech brand, Physics Wallah (PW) is proud to announce the exceptional results of its students in the GATE 2024 (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) examinations, setting new benchmarks in engineering education. Leading the pack are rank holders Raja Majhi, rank 1 in ECE, Paraj R. Chhatwani, rank 2 in XE, and Prateek Kumar Khuntia, rank 3 in ME showcasing the effectiveness of PhysicsWallah’s comprehensive educational approach. With 15+ students securing ranks under rank 10, 46+ under rank 50, and 132+ within rank 100 across CS, ME, EE, ECE, XE, DA, CE, IN branches.


In a watershed victory for the PW family, students Raja Majhi (Rank 1, Branch ECE), Paraj R. Chhatwani (Rank 2, Branch XE), Nishant Kumar Robin (Rank 2, Branch IN), Prateek Kumar Khuntia (Rank 3, Branch ME) and Gaurav Chaudhary (Rank 3, Branch CE) respectively are some names of the toppers from the list. These students are from the Parakram, Super 1500, Vijay, and GATE Fastrack batches of PW GATE Wallah’s inaugural paid batches.


Atul Kumar, CEO of PW Online, Said, “The outstanding GATE 2024 results achieved by our students are a vivid reflection of their relentless hard work and the steadfast commitment of our faculty. Just last year, we witnessed 11 of our students ranking under the top 20 from our inaugural free GATE batch on the GATE Wallah YouTube channel, which now proudly hosts 681,000 learners. This transition from being a trailblazer with our YouTube channel, GATE Wallah, to securing nationwide acclaim with Rank 1 in the GATE 2024 examinations, epitomizes our dedication to democratizing access to premier education. These accomplishments are celebrated as pivotal milestones in our continuous endeavour to nurture and empower the forthcoming generations of engineers.”


About Physics Wallah (PW)


Physics Wallah (PW) is a leading Indian EdTech company founded in 2020, and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. PW is democratizing education on a massive scale in India, with a presence spanning online, offline, and hybrid modes, reaching 98% of India’s pin codes. PW is reshaping India’s educational landscape by providing free quality education to more than 4 crores of students through its 85 YouTube channels in 7 vernacular languages. Starting as a YouTube channel in 2014, PW became a Unicorn in 2022 and now it has more than 27 lakh paid students, and 1 crore app downloads on the PW App. PW has expanded into 28 test prep categories and a skilling vertical, with over 79 tech-enabled Vidyapeeth (offline) and 48 Pathshala (hybrid) centers across the country. PW is students’ lifelong learning partner, empowering them throughout their educational trajectory, from a student to self-sufficient skilled professionals.

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