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Meditation is the way for inner transformation, brings positive changes; resolution passed during Global Conference of Meditation Leaders

New Delhi, 1st March, 2024: In an awareness drive for creating an aura about the significance of meditation in our day to day lifestyle, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, a non-profit and non-religious organization formally passed a resolution and announced the proposal for the global well-being to the policymakers at the national and global level to form a universal policy that scientific meditation is the way for inner transformation to bring positive changes to enhance the growth and excellence of an individual, organizations and communities.

The decision was made during the two-day global conference for the meditation leaders in the presence of some key dignitaries and steering council members of the Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation – Padma Shri D.R Kaarthikeyan, Former Director, CBI, CRPF, Govt of India; Mr. Chandra Pulamarasetti, Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation;  Mr. S.K Ghai, Chairman, Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd; Mrs. Laurence Guihard-Joly (France), Former GM, IBM Corporation and Dr. Narendra Mairpady, Former Chairman, Indian Overseas Bank.

The two day global conference was hosted by Buddha CEO Quantum Foundation, a non-profit trust and founded in India and run globally by the corporate and business leaders, mentored by Padmashri D.R. Kaarthikeyan, Padamshri Dr R.V Ramani and S.V Balasubramaniam, the Foundation operates globally, with volunteers and participants across the world. The main objective of the foundation is to spread awareness about the significance of meditation in driving positive social change globally, we appeal to the leaders and decision makers in the government, education, healthcare, business and non-profit sectors, to begin with, and bring peace in the world through inner transformation.

Speaking on this, Padma Shri D.R Kaarthikeyan, Former Director, CBI, CRPF (Gol), said “Meditation is the gateway to build energy, to knowing our-self, to explore our inner limitless potential and connect with the intelligence that surrounds us, we would like the world to experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, through the two day conference and the resolution, we want to request active support of global and government bodies in spreading awareness about meditation for greater well-being and positive social change. 

During an exclusive session, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry said “All the leaders and professionals should foster a new culture of practicing meditation before meetings, classes and key events in their organizations”. 

Further to which, Shri Chandra Pulamarasetti, Former Corporate Exec, Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation said “Meditation is an experience which we would like the leaders, policy makers and organizations across the globe to practice, which will help them in their growth and enhancing the excellence, the world believe that meditation is religious, which requires any special place or posture, on the contrary, meditation is non-religious and highly scientific, during the global conference, we have presented various scientific evidence and the practical case studies, that helped participants learn and practice the simple meditation process during the sessions. 

During the conference, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation also announces the first public app preview with the learning and mediation modules.  The Buddha-CEO App which is now available on android and IoS to guide individuals learn meditation and staying motivated to continue their meditation practice. Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation and the newly released Meditation app will provide scientific meditation wisdom and practice. The APP will help the individual in intuitive learning with live sessions and personalized and adaptive guidance along with motivational engagement and community connection. The app is built on a hyper-personalized ‘practice enablement’ platform called BeSuperMind (by Quantum Coherence Technologies). The app ensures confidentiality of data and interactions, protection of personal information and multi-level security and is compliant with local data privacy standards in the countries it serves.  


Various lectures, panel discussions and guided scientific meditation sessions were held at the conference for a complete understanding of the procedures, benefits and science behind simple breath mindfulness meditation.


The two day event was well supported by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), an autonomous, non-cult, not for profit, voluntary movement, that is working towards the vision of Meditative and Vegetarian World, all in a spirit of free service without any monetary considerations, which was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji.The awareness was also spread through PMC, the 24×7 New-age Spiritual – Science Lifestyle TV Channel, that aims to spread the awareness of Meditation from a Spiritual Scientific perspective to across 10 crs+ households.

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