Year-End 2023: Earn Extra Money in 2024 for Indian Delivery Riders and Cab Drivers

<p>In India, the gig economy is flourishing, with thousands of individuals using online job platforms to find employment in a range of industries, including professional services, on-demand services, delivery, and transportation. For others, gig labor provides more flexibility, control over working hours, and the possibility of earning more money than regular employment.</p>
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<p>Someone who makes money via transient or brief engagements—typically outside of the conventional employer-employee relationship—is referred to as a gig worker. They are a component of the fast-expanding “gig economy,” which is supported by platforms that link people to jobs across a range of industries.</p>
<p>According to a recent poll, which examined markers of financial wellness for gig workers, delivery drivers are among the groups that think they have control over their financial circumstances while experiencing various forms of financial hardship.</p>
<p>The purpose of this essay is to provide professional perspectives on how Indian gig workers might supplement their income in 2024.</p>
<p>The co-founder and CEO of PickMyWork, Vidyarthi Baddireddy, along with Sashi Kumar, the head of sales at Indeed, and Anshul Khurana, the co-founder of Entitled Solutions, offer various strategies for gig workers who make significant contributions to society on a daily basis to enhance their financial security.</p>
<p>“Indian gig workers in 2024 have a multitude of opportunities to boost their income across various sectors,” said Vidyarthi Baddireddy, co-founder and CEO of PickMyWork. Those who register for gig job applications might pursue a variety of opportunities.</p>
<p>For example, gig workers in the service industry may try their hand at food delivery via apps like Zomato or Swiggy, and there are plenty of transportation jobs available on Uber and Ola. Specialized platforms provide unique prospects, particularly for online corporations in sales jobs, where gig workers may potentially make up to three times the hourly wage compared to standard delivery tasks.</p>
<p>Additionally, Baddireddy said that taking advantage of the holiday season is another way to increase rewards. Companies often provide exclusive deals and promotions to draw in more clients and boost the demand for freelance services.</p>
<p>“Attuned gig workers may carefully match their efforts to the festive spirit, meeting the demands of customers who are celebrating special events. By taking on jobs, part-timers may make the most of their travel to work and transform idle time into extra cash.</p>
<p>According to Baddireddy, full-time gig workers should be encouraged to diversify their gig portfolio in order to boost their income. Furthermore, he said that emphasizing thorough upskilling is essential for the gig economy’s continued expansion as it keeps workers competitive in a variety of industries and flexible in response to changing consumer needs.</p>
<p>Head of sales at Indeed Sashi Kumar emphasizes that workers in the gig economy are learning to be proficient in a variety of talents rather than focusing on mastering one.</p>
<p>Although the hard talents that are in demand differ by industry, most companies prefer to recruit individuals with soft skills like flexibility, collaboration, and effective communication. being such abilities improves one’s chances of being hired as well as opening doors to higher-paying jobs, Kumar said.</p>
<p>Kumar said that since gig labor is based on contracts, it is very vulnerable to changes in the market. Moreover, the rapid advancements in technology are also continuously altering the need for jobs. Upskilling thus becomes more crucial in order to avoid dealing with issues related to skill mismatch.</p>
<p>Kumar emphasized, “2024 initiatives should prioritize long-term learning programs, accessible training opportunities, and educational collaborations across all tiers.”</p>
<p>Co-founder of Entitled Solutions Anshul Khurana believes that with wage levels stabilizing over the last year or two, the viability of gig workers has come into doubt.</p>
<p>He says that in order to maximize their revenue, gig workers should consider the following strategies, which may be useful:</p>
<p>Optimize productivity: gig platforms provide rewards for reaching peak or odd hours as well as finishing a certain number of tasks in a day. It might be beneficial to make sure that employees fully comprehend the incentive system. Additionally, figuring out which hubs are the busiest might reduce waiting times between jobs and increase worker productivity.</p>
<p>Determine other sources of income: There are many supplementary gig options available in the market; taking advantage of them might help you maximize your revenue. Working with a milk delivery platform for a few hours in the morning before switching to another platform for the whole day is an example of such an opportunity.</p>
<p>Enroll in other referral programs: These programs may also enable employees to make extra money while they work. An intriguing illustration of this would be a mapping firm that pays employees a certain amount each time they highlight physical infrastructure on a map. This would enable the employee to perform this on top of their regular work and make extra money.</p>

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