Sanjay Singh, a loyalist named Birj Bhushan, is the new president of WFI

<p>With his party easily taking the majority of the seats in the postponed elections, Sanjay Singh took over as President of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) on Thursday, therefore giving outgoing Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh indirect authority over the sports organization.</p>
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<p>Sanjay, the Vice President of the UP Wrestling Association and a devoted follower of Brij Bhushan received forty votes against Anita Sheoran’s seven. Sanjay, an RSS member, is a Varanasi native and a close friend of Brij Bhushan. It is likely that Sanjay would confer with the departing head over policy issues, considering his deep passion for the sport.</p>
<p>Following his enormous victory, Sanjay Singh told reporters, “It’s a triumph for thousands of wrestlers in the country who suffered in the past 7-8 months.”</p>
<p>Although Sheoran, a CWG gold winner, lost against Darshan Lal 27–19, Prem Chand Lochab, a former RSPB secretary, won the important position of secretary general.</p>
<p>After defeating I D Nanavati 32–15, Devender Singh Kadian—who owns a network of fast food restaurants on national highways and is seen as connected to protesting wrestlers—won the senior vice president position.</p>
<p>The elections for the four Vice President positions were won by the Brij Bhushan camp: Jai Prakash (37), Asit Kumar Saha (42), Kartar Singh (44), and N Phoni (38), from Delhi.</p>
<p>In the VP race, Mohan Yadav, the recently appointed chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, received a mere five votes despite his nonattendance at the elections.</p>
<p>The new treasurer is Satyapal Singh Deshwal of Uttarakhand, who is also a member of the Brij Bhushan faction. He defeated Dushyant Sharma of Jammu and Kashmir 34–12.</p>
<p>The five members of the executive committee were likewise supporters of the departing CEO.</p>
<p>Leading wrestlers Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat, and Sakshi Malik would feel that their protest against Brij Bhushan was for nothing after the vote results, even if they made a strong case for a change of leadership. The BJP MP’s close buddy is now in charge.</p>
<p>They managed to rally a lot of support from various facets of society and accused Brij Bhushan of sexually harassing female wrestlers, even juniors. However, on May 28, the day they were supposed to march towards the new Parliament building, the protest dispersed after Delhi police drove out all of the demonstrators from Jantar Mantar for rioting.</p>
<p>On June 7, the wrestlers formally ended their protest after receiving assurances from Sports Minister Anurag Thakur that no member of Brij Bhushan’s family or close allies would be permitted to compete in the WFI election.</p>
<p>Steps taken to overturn UWW’s ban on WFI</p>
<p>The removal of the UWW prohibition on WFI will also be made possible by the election of a new executive council. Due to WFI’s tardiness in holding elections, the global authority that oversees the sport suspended the organization, making Indian wrestlers participate in the 2023 global Championships as neutral participants.</p>
<p>Although the election process was scheduled to begin in July, it was postponed due to legal disputes. The Punjab and Haryana High Court’s injunction was recently overturned by the Supreme Court, opening the door for the election of the new WFI ruling board.</p>

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