Meet the actress who went through a lot of hardships, changed her faith before getting married, and gained notoriety for kissing heroes

<p>Sonia Sahni’s name was on the list of well-known actresses in the 1960s and 1970s. Although she was involved in film from 1965 to 1999, her life was not without its ups and downs. In 1965, she made her cinematic debut in “Johar-Mehmood in Goa,” starring I. S. Johar and Mehmood, where she played the lead character of Rita. Following her first film, she rose to fame in the industry.</p>
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<p>Actress Sonia Sahni, who worked in Bollywood for 34 years, had a real-life that was just as glamorous as her movies. When Sonia released her debut movie, she began to rule people’s hearts. Her actual life was similarly full of ups and downs. In the 1973 motion picture “Bobby,” Sonia portrayed Rishi Kapoor’s mother, Mrs. Sushma Nath.</p>
<p>Sonia’s parents were Sikhs until Partition, when they converted to Christianity, according to media accounts. Usha Sahni was Sonia’s true name before she entered the film industry. Her ancestors were from Pakistan. After Partition, the whole family moved to Kashmir, India, where Sonia’s mother was from Peshawar and her father was from Lahore.</p>
<p>During Sonia Sahni’s early film career, flowers were used to cover up amorous scenes between actors and actresses. However, Sonia filmed a kissing scene with IS Johar in her first movie, which made the news and made her famous as the “kissing girl”.</p>
<p>Phool Aur Aag, a 1999 movie, was the last time Sonia was seen. Sonia allegedly fell in love with Shiva Palitana, the prince of the renowned Palitana princely state under the British Raj, at the height of her career. He went by Shivendra Singh Goyal in full. Sonia married Shiv Palitana against the wishes of her family if rumors are to be believed. Let me clarify: prior to being married to Sonia, Shiv was previously married and had a kid.</p>
<p>Sonia was an actress before she married Shiv Palitana, and she was also a queen. She had a pretty happy existence until her spouse passed away in 1990, at which point things got quite unstable. In an interview, she had said that her husband’s leaving was nothing less than a curse since, after his passing, Shiv’s family began to despise her, and Sonia began attending a school for kids with mental disabilities.</p>

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