Meet the lady who created a brand worth Rs 7000 crore, was sacked from her own firm, and is now

<p>Zilingo is a global technology and commerce firm founded by Dhruv Kapoor and Ankiti Bose, a young Indian entrepreneur. Ankita Bose has a major part to play in Zillingo’s success; if claims about its highest value in 2019 are to be accepted, it was close to Rs 7000 crore. However, Bose was let go from her own firm in 2022 after taking it to unprecedented heights. Bose was accused of financial deception and poor management at the firm, which led to her suspension as CEO of Zillingo. She reportedly raised her pay ten times without the board’s consent. She is also charged with making “unexplained payments” to several suppliers totaling $10 million.</p>
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<p>Ankita Bose, who is now embroiled in a $100 million lawsuit against investor Mahesh Murthy, was raised in Dehradun and attended Cambridge School in Mumbai for her education. Bose attended Mumbai’s well-known St. Xavier’s College for her graduation. After graduating, she was hired by Sequoia Capital and McKinsey & Company in Bangalore. She became aware of the dearth of internet presence in many local establishments while perusing the Chatuchak Weekend Market. She launched Zillingo as a result of having to resign from her job as an investment analyst at Sequoia Capital.</p>
<p>Bose was included in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 and Bloomberg 50 in 2019, as well as Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 in 2018. Notwithstanding these difficulties, Ankita Bose’s entrepreneurial career has been characterized by noteworthy turning points and has had a substantial impact on Asia’s e-commerce scene.</p>

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