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Abrupt End to Raj Chakraborty’s Godhuli Alap: Fans Outrage and Put Forward Demands

Produced under the banner of Raj Chakraborty Productions, Godhuli Alap is an Indian Romantic Bangla Drama Television show starring Kaushik Sen, Somu Sarkar and Diya Chakraborty that runs on Star Jalsha. Released on the 21st of March,2022, the show has drawn the audience’s attention all along and keeps its golden TRP constant. After the makers of the serial announced an abrupt shutdown of the show, even while it was running at a non-prime time, Godhuli Alap (Official Fans Group) on Facebook, campaigning against it raised their voices. Netizens have stormed social media pages and media houses to let the show run in the public interest. Their sheer request is that either the makers of the show shut other shows running with a lower TRP on Star Jalsha or they justify the abrupt end of the show.

In a public message, a fan club said, “Star Jalsha & producer Raj Chakraborty know the viewer’s pulse so well & a show like Godhuli Alap is the biggest example of that. The show enjoys a huge fan following not only in West Bengal, India but abroad too. Many viewers from Bangladesh, Japan, Dubai, and America dote on Arindam-Nolok & their awe-inspiring love story. That’s why today we the fans of Godhuli Alap are requesting Raj Chakraborty & the channel to reconsider their sudden decision to end Godhuli Alap abruptly. Many low TRP shows are still running & some of them are on prime time too & despite not getting the slot leader’s position for so many months in a row they are getting chance after chance but in spite of leading the slot for 5 long months in a row till very recently, Godhuli Alap is not getting the chance. Godhuli Alap lost its slot leader’s position only for a brief period and that too with a very small margin in this week’s TRP chart Godhuli Alap once again is the joint slot leader. Godhuli Alap deserves a long run & we the fans are requesting the channel & Raj Chakraborty to give Godhuli Alap that chance, we only want 6 months, so many potential still left in the story to explore. We know viewer’s emotions, their needs matter a lot for both Raj Chakraborty & the channel & that’s why we are confident that they will hear our pleas…we have wholeheartedly given our everything to support our favourite Godhuli Alap from the very beginning & we hope the channel & the producer too will support us & will ensure that Godhuli Alap gets it’s due & it gets a longer run. All of us only want Godhuli Alap to continue.

The fans have raised slogans with #wewantourgodhulialap and #godhulialapmustbeon.

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