Nitesh Pandey, a co-star in the film Anupamaa, is mentioned by Sudhanshu Pandey as follows: He was at last content with the job that was coming his way

After learning about the passing of his friend and fellow actor Nitesh Pandey, actor Sudhanshu Pandey is speechless. He continues by saying that the late actor, who passed away on May 23 after suffering a cardiac attack, was fired up to explore this new stage of his career and was really thrilled about the job that was coming his way.
“I was shocked to hear the news. “It is one of those moments that completely knocks you off your feet and makes you realise that someone who used to be with us, sitting and talking about work on TV and OTT, is no longer with us,” Sudhanshu says, adding, “He was happy with the way work was picking up for him, and excited about travelling from here to there for various things.”
When asked to elaborate on Nitesh Pandey's activities and what about the next project most thrilled him, Sudhanshu responds, “He was making maybe three to four web series, and also had OTT movies in his kitty. He was overjoyed that positive things were now really occurring. He was quite excited about the job he was doing right away.
The 48-year-old and Nitesh became friends while working on the television programme Anupamaa, particularly considering that they both shared a same hometown.
He used to come to my room to sit and speak while he was on set. We just recently began discussing how OTT is benefiting him as a medium and what TV has done for him. As his job was finally taking up, he declared that he would leave and look into other opportunities. We used to hang out when he came to the TV programme set to film since it was just one Pandey seeing another Pandey. We had a lot of similarities since we were both from Uttrakhand. So we used to joke around and tell tales. All those storylines are now over, the actor reflects.
Sudhanshu believes that Nitesh's death at the age of 51 from a cardiac arrest should serve as a reminder to everyone to take care of their health.
He wasn't someone who worked out or exercised, and he was on the heavy side. In actuality, a large number of individuals work while neglecting their physical and mental well-being. Today, with all the different foods and substances we consume, if we are not careful to watch how our bodies are doing, things may become extremely dangerous. We need to take responsibility for our families as well as ourselves, he adds.

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