Shonali Bose Justifies Her Position Regarding Sitting Down During the National Anthem at Theaters

Famous Bollywood director Shonali Bose recently found herself in the heart of a contentious discussion on nationalism and patriotism. Bose's deliberate choice to stay seated during the playing of the national anthem before a movie screening sent up a storm of outrage and criticism. The Sky Is Pink's famed filmmaker Bose shared a video on her Instagram account outlining her reasoning for the choice she made. She said in the video that she didn't think it was right to push or impose nationalism on others at a movie theater. Her tweet sparked a raging debate, with some praising her for championing freedom of speech and others denouncing her for what they saw as disrespect for the national anthem.
Shonali Bose decided to speak with a news source in order to further explain her position, as opposed to avoiding the issue. She explained her position to Mid-Day, stating that she really admires and respects the national anthem but has concerns about the context in which it is supposed to be performed.
Bose defended himself, saying, “I won't do it in a theater.” She said that it was insulting and incongruous for individuals to stand for the national anthem while still eating popcorn or having casual chats. She believed that genuine patriotism should not be reduced to a ceremonial exhibition, but should be fostered by knowledge, comprehension, and deeds that advance the welfare of the country.
“That's my government adamantly stating that this is how instilling patriotic fervor is done. Together with other pals, I went to the movie. I didn't stand up for the anthem, but they all did. A guy yelled at me from behind, calling me nasty and unpatriotic. Next to him, a lady joined in. I begged them to stop talking as I turned around. I could sense the woman's uncouthness when her legs touched my chair. My gut had tensed even though I was confident in what I was doing. “Pangas are not wanted,” Shonali said to Midday.
I am not protesting the national anthem or the government, she continued. I believe it is inappropriate to force nationalism down our throats at a movie theater. I object to it, as you can see. When individuals stand up to demonstrate'respect,' they should not have popcorn in their lips, she remarked.
“Patriotism is having a conscience and the ability to speak your mind,” said Shonali in his conclusion. It involves constantly challenging the government. I recall that the government would screen propaganda movies in black and white during the Emergency era. This resembles it.

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