Rajendra Kumar once believed that his son, Kumar Gaurav, would never succeed as an actor

While Bollywood nepotism has caused controversy among moviegoers over the last several years, it is important to remember that some celebrity offspring have failed to make it despite their parents' fame. The dashing Kumar Gaurav, who vanished into obscurity after becoming a smash with his first film, is one such performer who may spring to mind. The late actor Rajendra Kumar, who was renowned for having films play for 25 weeks at the box office, had a son named Kumar Gaurav. He was given the name Jubilee Kumar as a result.
Although critics and viewers dismissed Kumar Gaurav even after a good start, it's significant to note that Rajendra Kumar, his father, had already dismissed him before to his first picture. In Rajendra Kumar's opinion, his son lacked the talent to become an actor. When Kumar Gaurav informed his father he wanted to be an actor after graduating from school, Rajendra Kumar advised him to first pass a screen test to demonstrate his abilities.
Although he agreed, Kumar Gaurav failed his screening. Informing his kid that he could not be a hero was Rajendra Kumar. In Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Kumar Gaurav turned to help in the direction, most notably by helping Raj Kapoor. However, Kumar Gaurav continued to cultivate the need to take action. Another screen test was scheduled for him by his father, this time at RK Studios and in front of Raj Kapoor. However, when Kumar Gaurav realized Raj Kapoor was in front of him, he became tense and was unable to speak, which infuriated his father.
Raj Kumar then advised to Rajendra Kumar that his son study acting professionally, and Kumar Gaurav spent six months attending Roshan Taneja's acting school. In 1981, he made his acting debut with fellow newcomer, Vijeta Pandit, in Love Story. The movie was a huge hit, and Kumar Gaurav was hailed as the next star. All succeeding films, including Naam, All-Rounder, and Janam, had disappointing box office results. Never was Kumar Gaurav able to duplicate his achievement. Even it did not aid his career; he subsequently made an appearance as one of the numerous characters in Sanjay Gupta's Kaante. According to reports, Kumar Gaurav even mortgaged his home to make a movie for his kid, but that project also didn't work out.

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