"Scoop" Trailer Illustrates How One Phone Call Triggers a Chain Reaction with Wide-Reaching Effects

On Monday, a trailer for the new criminal drama streaming series “Scoop” was released. The story picks up speed when crime reporter Jagruti Pathak's alter ego, underworld don Chhota Rajan, calls her to discuss a specific topic.
It quickly escalates to demonstrate how Jagruti becomes embroiled in a scandal because to her close connection to the Rajan and is promptly imprisoned for facilitating the murder of a fellow crime reporter.
As Jagruti gets entangled in the web of the police, the underworld, and the media, the trailer emphasizes society's rush to judgment.
Hansal Mehta's production, “Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison,” is based on actual events and Jigna Vora's book. It describes how she was falsely accused by law enforcement of aiding the murder of crime writer Jyotirmoy Dey on the grounds of professional rivalry.
Director and co-creator Hansal Mehta stated this about the first season of “Scoop”: “As a filmmaker, my objective is to always present tales that stretch beyond a weekend. I discovered a tale that urgently speaks to our post-truth days in aScoop. Working with someone as talented as Mrunmayee added a sensitivity that really improved the show.
Without Netflix and Matchbox Shots, who fostered our deep dive into Jagruti Pathak's personal and professional life and let our idea to develop, none of this would have been possible. Netflix's creative approach is always engaging and team-based. The first season is just the beginning. I want to continue learning more about the media's wide universe of stories.
On June 2, Netflix will launch the series, which was conceived by Hansal Mehta and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul and produced by Matchbox Shots.

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