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The President’s office of Prague, Czech Republic: Mr. Syed Algazi, officially appointed as India’s youngest Hon. Consul General of a European Country.

Mr. Syed Algazi has been officially appointed as, India’s youngest Hon. Consul General of Republic of Liberland in India for 3 years. His tenure begins with immediate effect from May 11th 2023 in the city of Hyderabad with the consular district including the entire territory of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States.


The official appointment ceremony is being held in London on 18th May 2023 at Millennium Gloucester Hotel, Kensington, London, UK in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of State and Deputy Lieutenant (DLs) greater London, House of Lords members and many dignitaries from across the globe followed by 2 ceremonies in Delhi and Hyderabad respectively for Indian officials and Consulates of different countries.


Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state in Southeast Europe surrounded by other 11 Balkan countries in Europe. It has more than 105 representative offices, embassies and consulates across the globe includes UK, USA with more than 7 million further citizenship requests from all across the globe. The business incubator has been established for foreign investors in Ark Liberland Apatin, Serbia as well as in Republic of Liberland. 


Republic of Liberland will also be the first European country to be built in the virtual world by the world-renowned London based architectural firm, Zaha Hadid Architects who have been working on a vision for a virtual city. 


A Multi- Million Dollar state-of-the-art Consulate of Republic of Liberland in Hyderabad Telangana has already begun its 6-storey construction work with a ground breaking ceremony in 2023 with 20 thousand square feet area for many international businesses and incubators for Europe, UAE, Philippines, UK, USA to connect with Liberland. This will be a significant development for the Liberland – India Diplomatic and strategic partnership and will create jobs. 


H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi will be flying to Delhi soon to meet the officials to present his credentials as the Hon. Consul General of Republic of Liberland in India and to discuss various bilateral trade, business, recognition, collaborations and diplomatic relations between both countries. 


H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi will also be meeting the officials of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States, as well the Consulate Generals of different countries in India to discuss and promote bilateral trade, business, investment, arts, cultural, films, sports, youth, tourism, diplomatic relations for Republic of Liberland. 

A consular team for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh will be selected by H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi from India to be appointed from the bracket of top entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, HNWI and highly experienced achievers for day-to-day Consulate functioning for Diplomatic relationship with different countries.  

We are very sure that, H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi will make India, his city Hyderabad, State of Telangana, Republic of Liberland and its citizens proud with his extraordinary work between both countries by helping businesses, startups’, entrepreneurs to flourish in Europe.


About H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi Hon. Consul General:  

H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi belongs to the Royals and Great Nobles family of Hyderabad. He is the Great Grandson of Nawab Fakhr ul Mulk Bahadur who built great Palaces (Errum Manzil Palace) Monuments (Tomb of Nawab Fakhr  ulk Mulk – known as the Taj Mahal of Hyderabad Deccan, Nizam Collage and many other Palaces around Hyderabad  Deccan. He is also the Great Grandson of Salar Jung III (Maternal) and Nephew of Prince Mouzam Jah, 2nd Son of 7th Nizam. 


He is the Alumni of Rashtriya Military School Bangalore 1986 batch.  

H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi has been invited twice at the Presidents Estate, Rashtrapati Bhavan Delhi for his wonderful, selfless, humanitarian and dedicated services towards the Indian Armed Forces & Martyrs families all across the globe.  

He started his entrepreneur’s journey at the very young age of 16 in 1986. He provided employment to number of boys at that time who were unable to meet the ends.  

He has been awarded as the youngest entrepreneur of Andhra Pradesh in 1987 by the Indian Chamber of Commerce at Bhaskar Palace (Present day – Care Hospital).  


He is also the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi award for his services towards Indian Armed Forces, Martyrs and their families’ initiatives and food drive campaigns across the globe. 

He is also the first civilian in the history of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to be awarded by the high rank Army officials at HQ 35 Infantry Brigade Vasant Vihar New Delhi for his services towards Indian Armed Forces, Martyrs and their families all across India. 

He is credited for creating the first ever Digital War Memorial in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh history by a Cadet.  


H.E. Mr. Syed Algazi became the 1st personality in the history of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to be awarded Sir Syed Ahmad Award by the Aligarh University Council for his contribution to the nation, Martyrs families and social work all across India. 

He is also credited for the initiative of forming the Telangana Police Youth Club. This initiative is to connect students and eliminate crime. Lakhs of students will get connected with this initiative was launched in Hyderabad on 18th March 2018.

He has been a UAE resident and investor since 2006.He is also the founder of Braveheart Martyrs Foundation and has been serving Indian Armed Forces Martyrs families, war widows (Veer Naris) war veterans through his Patriotic foundation Braveheart Martyrs Foundation and have been honouring them all across the globe in a program called” GOLDEN SALUTE”. He is also the Chairman and Managing Director of “N. F. Constructions since 1991 and has his presence in 14 countries. 

Motto of Republic of Liberland is “To live and let live”.

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