Amara Raja dedicates a $9.500 billion lithium cell facility in Telangana

In Mahbubnagar district, Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. hosted a big groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday for Telangana's first gigafactory to create lithium cells and battery packs with a maximum capacity of up to 16 GWh and 5 GWh, respectively.

According to a press statement from the battery manufacturer, the ceremony was attended by Telangana Minister for Industries KT Rama Rao, Ramachandra N. Galla, founder of the Amara Raja Group, and Jayadev Galla, chairman and managing director of ARBL.

Earlier, ARBL had said that it will spend more than Rs 9,500 crore over a ten-year period in Telangana to establish a greenfield manufacturing plant for lithium-ion batteries.

The 'Amara Raja Giga Corridor', which intends to create lithium cells and battery packs with maximum capacities of up to 16GWh and up to 5GWh, officially began construction after the ground-breaking ceremony.

Additionally, the facility hopes to provide 4,500 direct jobs and an equal number of indirect ones that will significantly advance the socioeconomic situation in the area.

“The Bhoomi puja represents a crucial turning point in our path, and our strategic move is not simply to establish the Giga Corridor but also to provide local young non-migratory employment. Jayadev Galla remarked, “We are appreciative of the Telangana government's enormous assistance in our endeavour.

According to Minister Rama Rao, “Electric mobility remains a focus area for the Telangana government, and we are committed to developing the right infrastructure and ecosystem for the promotion and adoption of EVs.”

He stated that Telangana has been a pioneer in embracing sustainability, therefore it is an honour for the state to commemorate the groundbreaking of Amara Raja Batteries' first plant for manufacturing lithium cells and battery packs.

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